Purchasing A Salvage title Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a newer used car with low miles but can’t afford the cost of a newer model car you might consider buying a car with a salvage title that’s been restored. Often times you can get a really nice car, one that you may not normally be able to afford if it had a clean title. But a restored car with a salvage title can be bought at half the price clear titled car while still providing the luxury of an almost brand new car.
Salvage title cars are simply cars that have either been in an accident, were theft recovered or were damaged in some way so that the insurance company decided the repairs were too costly to pay for therefore the car received a salvage title. This doesn’t necessarily mean the car isn’t safe or unreliable once it’s fixed up. Many times these cars can be repaired and put back on the road again as a safe and worthy car to drive. In fact, often times you can find a newer model car or truck with very low miles that may have had only some cosmetic damage to the body. When the vehicle is repaired it will look new again and no one will even know you’re driving a salvage title car. I’ve seen many nice, high dollar cars such as BMW’s, Porsches and Corvettes sell for thousands of dollars lower than market value only because they carried a salvage title
Another option is to buy a salvage car and repair it yourself or have a reliable mechanic do it. If you do decide to buy a salvage title car that needs repairs be sure to calculate the costs of the repairs before buying and also be sure to find out why the car received a salvage title. If the car had water damage for example, it may not be worth buying as it can have costly electrical damage that is hard to repair.

Buying salvage cars to rebuild is a great way to save a lot of money while getting a like new car and you can feel good about helping the environment too since you’ll be recycling a lot of metal.

Ever dreamed of owning your own Ferrari? You just may be able to afford one if it has a salvage title

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How To Register A Salvage Title vehicle In Illinois

1.) You Must Contract with An Illinois Licensed Rebuilder
2.) All vehicles with a salvage or Flood title from 2008 and newer must pass two inspections

Salvage Vehicle Inspection Locations:

Secretary Of State Police Locations In Illinois.
-Station #1 103 West Roosevelt Rd Villa Park, Illinois 60181-3551
-Station #3 3710 Winchester Road Springfield, IL 62707-9754

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